Tech Tip Tuesday – Apps for EVERY Student

I will NEVER tell students you must download this app…without parent approval! Parents need to know what their children are downloading on their devices. One way we control this in our house… our son does not know the password for loading apps. So, when he wants an app, he must bring his iPad to me to ask for the app to be loaded.

That being said, every Tuesday, I like to recommend apps for students (and even parents to use). This week I am talking about two apps that EVERY student can use and are highly suggested if they don’t already have them on their device.

The MackinVia app will allow students to login to Cobb Digital Library for the resources we have available to them. They don’t have to have this app, because they can go through a browser to one of the many links we provide on the school, CLC and county websites. However, with a push of a button, it opens the browser for them. They select Awtrey as their school, put in their lunch number (student ID) and the password is “read”. Then they will have all the resources at their fingertips!

The Destiny app will allow them to read our 200+ eBooks on their device. We have a wide variety of eBooks. I try to order some of our most popular titles. This app is available for both Apple and Android devices!

As always, if you have questions about an app that I have suggested, or any app that you are concerned about your child using, please come to the CLC and ask me (Mrs. Foster). I will be more than happy to help you!

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