NANO – National Novel Writing Month

You read that right, November is National Novel Writing Month! In the CLC we don’t only encourage you to read, but we believe everyone has a story inside of them wanting to get out! So, this month we encourage you to get it out and put it on paper…or a device. Spend a little time every day writing.

Did you know that if you write just 100 words a day…by the end of the month you have written 3,000…a short story! And if you write 1,000 words a day…that will equal 30,000 a novella! But, Ms. Foster…it’s November 3rd (or maybe the 10th by the time you read this)…no problem! Just start writing! It is never to late to get your story down!

There are websites dedicated to help you write during NANO and here are a few:

National Novel Writing Month

Camp Nanowrimo

Six Great Websites for Teen Writers


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