How to Keep Your Children Safe Online

Last night we had about 35 parents come to our Online Safety workshop. I am attaching the pdf of the presentation here, with the exception of dangerous apps, which has been removed. I will not post that information some place students can locate and download.

Keeping Your Student Safe Online 2015 wo apps

Mr. Crawford spoke of Bullying and the new laws. Here is a link to the information.

We showed this video prior to the session beginning. This was requested by parents who was at the presentation last year, to make sure this video was shown again.

This video is shocking on how easy it is for someone to “friend” and after a few days meet the teen. This is a must see for every parent and teen!

This video is a news report about Cyber Bullying that took place in Cobb County

Here is the link to Teen Safe. Remember to say Bernard Awtrey PTSA and you will get a monthly discount of $5.

Here is the link to MobiCip browser for devices, phones and computers.


Our student presentation is used from the Missing and Exploited Children website. This is a great resource for parents. The presentation we use for our students is the Teen version. They also haveĀ other presentations available for Tweens and parents.

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