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Awesome Reading Apps

Yes, I know it’s not Tuesday, but I have found some great apps that I would like to share. As you know, I try to put FREE apps on here, but no matter the cost, I am not telling you to download an app. I am only letting you know about a cool app that […]

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Building a Media Scape on a Budget

Last school year, I went to visit a high school in a neighboring district. They had several things that intrigued me, and one was the Media Scape. I had never seen one before. Sure, I had seen people using huge monitors and even multiple screens before. But never had I seen one where students could […]

Easy Bib

I will be showing Mrs. Peck’s classes how to use Easy Bib. This resource allows us to cite our sources neatly (and correctly). You can also create note cards within the website. Watch the video and you can see how to login and begin using this site today!

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Tech Tip Tues…Thursday

This week has been very busy with Book Fair, Open House nights and finishing CLC Orientation! Whew… But I wouldn’t let this week go by without letting you know about some great apps! Scholastic has a new app that allows you to scan the barcode or cover of a book and get information such as: […]

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Tech Tip Tuesday (a day late)

This week in orientation, I am showing the students how to set up their Edmodo account. Edmodo is a great resource for teachers to share information with their students, a collaboration tool, an assessment resource, and a way for both students and teachers to communicate. If you did not give your children permission to set […]

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Tech Tip Tuesday – Apps for EVERY Student

I will NEVER tell students you must download this app…without parent approval! Parents need to know what their children are downloading on their devices. One way we control this in our house… our son does not know the password for loading apps. So, when he wants an app, he must bring his iPad to me […]

Wednesday’s Summer Fun – Apps we will use

I will be showing students this week, how to create a book trailer with various apps. It is NOT mandatory that they download these apps, or even have an iPad. I am just letting you know what apps we will be using so that IF they are bringing an iPad, iPod or iPhone, they will […]

Follett Enlight eBook Reader

I was just notified that the Follett app we have been using will not work after June. The new app is called Follett Enlight. You may need our shelf code to finish your set-up and it is wbb06040 or 06040. And you will need your login for Destiny Quest as usual. So, if you have […]