When do you need to cite?

Citing a source is very important. Why? Because you need to give others credit for not only their work, but their ideas! If you don’t give credit to others then you are plagiarizing or stealing their ideas and work. I created this infographic to help you remember when to cite a source. EasyBib also has […]


Visual Literacy Lesson

Mrs. Bellack and Mrs. Emmett’s classes will be learning about Visual Literacy in Academic Habits classes this week. We will be using a lesson I created that is linked below. Visual Literacy   We’re having some technical glitches with Versal, if it is not resolved by class, the assignment is below. If you did not […]


8th Grade Government Unit

The 8th grade students will be learning about government using a Versal lesson I created for Mr Hutchins and Mr Cronin. 8th Grade Georgia Government Unit If you have any questions, please feel free to ask Mrs Foster.

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Genetics in the CLC

Mrs. Williams will have her classes in the CLC for the next few days learning about Genetics. Here is the lesson I created for them to use while they are learning all about Punnett Squares. Genetics


Civil Rights Research Paper and Video

Here is the Prezi Ms Foster used today for Mrs. Peck’s classes. Your group will choose one event from each era represented on the timeline (1 from Slavery in America, 1 from Post-Civil War and 1 from Civil Rights to Now). If your team has four people, you will do two events from the Civil […]


8th Grade ELA CARS Resources

Mrs. LeMay’s 8th graders are studying how literature effects the world around them. They are completing work stations that Mrs. LeMay and I have set up online. As part of their stations, they will review my lesson on┬áCARS Website Evaluation and look at several websites. They will then fill out the survey on the Padlet, […]


AC ELA War of the Worlds CARS Activity

Ms. Calandra, Mrs. Dean and Mrs. LeMay’s students will be coming to the CLC to learn about truth in advertising and truth in broadcasting. Through this activity they will also learn how to tell if a website is Credible, Accurate, Reliable and shows Support (CARS). Here is the link to station 1 in your stations […]

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Internet Safety for Students

Last month, just before Thanksgiving, Megan Bell and I delivered a lunch and learn for parents “How to Keep Your Children Safe Online.” After meeting with PTSA, and Mr. Crawford, it was decided that this presentation needed to be presented to teachers, and a different presentation for students. On Monday, the teachers participated in the […]