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As children anticipate the coming holiday season, looking forward to the shiny lights and holiday traditions… we I get that same way with our annual Book Fair! I love this time of year! The crispness in the air, the silver carts arriving and taking up space in the CLC…and the books…books and more books that are on display for purchase.

Why would a book fair get me excited? Well, first of all I love books! But not just that, I love getting books into the hands of not only the eager readers, but the reluctant readers! Every year parents come and ask, “What should my student who hates reading read?” Many people might be stumped with that question, but with a few questions of my own… “What tv shows and movies do they like? What is their interests? Have they tried…?” Without fail, those parents come back to the next book fair and many tell me, “My student absolutely loved the book you suggest!” (Well, of course!)

So, YES, I’m a book geek! I love books! But more importantly I love to spread my enthusiasm for books to you and our students! Plus it is a great time to buy some books for upcoming holidays!

We will be open Monday – Thursday 8:30-5:30 and Friday 8:30-1:00

Here are some important events with our book fair…

Monday – all 6th graders will come through with their ELA classes

Tuesday – all 7th graders will come through with their ELA classes

Wednesday – all 8th graders will come through with their ELA classes

Thursday – 10-11 – Parent Book Browse Brunch (Our media mom’s will be bringing brunch items and we invite all parents to come and hear about the hot books your children want at the book fair!)

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