Awesome Things Happening in the CLC



We’ve had a lot of wonderful things happen in the CLC so far this school year…

1. Last year we added high-top tables for our students, this year we added low seating! It is now the cool place to sit and collaborate or just hang out with other students!  low seating 1     Low seating 2







2. Our circulation has increased 15% compared to our August averages over the past 8 years. I credit this to a great selection of books, students eager to read, placing our fiction books by genre and increasing the number of books which a student is allowed to check out (which we did last school year) from 2 to 5! And so far in September, our circulation is up 20% over last year during this same time!

3. I am so proud of our BookFair Media Mom’s! Sheila Plunckett is wonderful!! This August book fair is typically our smallest. We are only open in the mornings during homeroom and during our two open house nights. We normally sell about $2000 in books. Last year was our best year ever, with $2600 in sales! This year, we sold $4400 in books!! What does that mean for Awtrey? We received $2200 in FREE books for our students to check out and read! THANK YOU to everyone that supported the Awtrey CLC with this book fair!

4. Goal Setting! Did you know that only 14% of the population sets goals? And only 3% actually write there goals down? I write goals for myself all the time. So, when I mentioned this to a group of 6th grade teachers, they asked me to teach their students how to write SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound). I really enjoyed getting to know the sixth grade students better and hearing what goals they would like to achieve, not only this year, but over the next few years!


We’ve already started working on our September goals for the CLC!

  • Collaborate with six teachers on various units and lessons (completed, but does not mean we won’t be looking for more teachers to collaborate with!)
  • Begin meetings with MakerSpace and Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl (both begin this week), and begin a Student Advisory Committee (8th grade SAC has already begun working together on a display!)
  • Order book students and teachers have requested (Deadline September 30, 2015)
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